Rhythms of Time Ring of Fire Parallel Worlds The Source
Continuous Spin Warriors Hillside Restless Horizon Guardian
The Circle Too Many Bells
Ascent/Descent Faster
Keeping The Bells


Birds of Prey

Journey Between Two Worlds

Paper on Canvas

Land and Nature



Points of Balance


The world one moves, thinks, speaks, and dreams through is filled with fleeting symbols of a progression through time. Like the strata of rock in the formation of the earth, patterns are laid down and mysteries revealed and concealed, only to return again like a perpetual echo expanding and contracting in the breathing universe.

This work is built of layers of paper mounted on canvas, inspired by the effects of natural forces on the earth that build and erode and build again over the images left by civilizations. Like modern cities built over ancient ruins, we are constantly building over the memories of our past, standing on the edge of our own history. Life is seen through layers of experience, emotion, sound, light, intellect. Everything is continually changing, suspended in time for an imprecise pause, and choices are made that act upon that moment which brings the balance to a new point of focus. Physical balance is a state of the present: perfect, precarious and very fragile. Created by the union of opposing forces defining each other, as light is defined by the degree of darkness next to it, the forms that emerge are artifacts of time. From these points of balance imprints emerge from the gestures that went before.