Sharon Falk is a New York based artist whose expressive paintings evoke the gesture of a moment in time, and the power of that moment to expand, timeless in memory. Her images are those of the natural world: wild creatures and landforms painted with a sense of motion that radiates the space around them.  Light glowing from within and around the forms erases boundaries, creating an energy and aura that transcend time.

 From an early age, she had a desire to experience the world from many different regions and cultures; and has traveled in Egypt, Greece, Peru, Italy, Mexico, and the caves of the south of France filling sketchbooks with images inspired by the art of those civilizations. She is intrigued by the effects of time layering over the ancient frescoes, with artifacts made and covered over and found again; and her work seeks to express the energy and power existing in all things.

 Growing up in Arizona, and living in New Orleans and Los Angeles for several years before moving to New York, she was surrounded by a rich sense of light and color and the space of wide western lands. Falk also worked as a courtroom sketch artist for CBS News covering historic court proceedings for broadcast; and having to travel on short notice to be at a trial, and drawing every day reinforced her instinct to capture a figure quickly while it was in motion. With her interest in history and its fragments of the past, she seeks to portray the potential in each of us: the divine side of us running parallel with fleeting time. We are each on a journey of discovery, ultimately alone, that expands in our perceptions and shared knowledge.

 Falk has also taught painting and drawing at Pace University, and Bergen Community College; and has been the recipient of artist residencies in Santa Fe, New Mexico; Woodstock, New York; and Gatlinburg Tennessee; and received the Paula Rhodes award from the School of Visual Arts. Her work is in numerous collections nationwide.


                        MFA, SCHOOL OF VISUAL ARTS, New York, NY

                        BFA, OTIS ART INSTITUTE, Los Angeles, CA



2009                       Structures and Time, Arts Alliance of Haverstraw, Haverstraw, NY

2004                        Class of 1929 Art Gallery, United States Military Academy, West Point, NY

2004                        Gravity’s Wings, Valley Cottage Library, Valley Cottage, NY

2003                        Rockland County Legislature, New City, NY

1994                        Broadway Arts Building, Asheville, NC

1991                        Points of Balance, New York Open Center, New York, NY

1991                        Main Street Windows, Brooklyn, NY

1983                        Recordings From An Artist’s Eye, Delgado Community College, New Orleans, LA

1982                         Robinson Gallery, New Orleans, LA

1976                        Diversity Gallery, New Orleans, LA

1975                        Otis Art Institute Gallery II, Los Angeles, CA



2009-2010            The Art of the Bird, Blue Hill Art & Cultural Center, Pearl River, NY

2010                        Skylight Gallery, New York, NY

2006                        Pomona Cultural Center, Pomona, NY

1993                        University of Dayton, Dayton, OH



2009                        Designing Women, Ann Street Gallery, Newburgh, NY

2009                        A Collective in Black & White, Pomona Cultural Center, Pomona, NY

2002-10                   Forms Gallery, Delray Beach, FL

2008                        Sunrise Southwest, Ridgeway, Colorado

2007                        Faculty Exhibition, Bergen Community College

2005-6                     Port of Call Gallery, Warwick, NY

2004                        Garnerville Arts Center, Garnerville, NY

2004                        Faculty Exhibition, Westchester Community College

2003                        Port of Call Gallery, Warwick, NY

2003                        Kotinsky Gallery, Pompton Lakes, NJ

2003                        Rockland Center for the Arts, Nyack, NY

2003                        Hopper House Art Center, Nyack, NY

2002                        Faculty Exhibition, Pace University, Pleasantville, NY                     

2001                        Faculty Exhibition, Kingsborough Community College, Brooklyn, NY

2001                        Small Works Exhibition, Gallery 402, New York, NY

2001                        Ora Sorenson Gallery, Delray Beach, FL

2000                        Mill Atelier Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

2000                        11th Annual Juried Slide Exhibition, Viridian Artists, New York, NY

1994                        Art In Residence, New York, NY

1992                        Crossings, Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY

1992                        Small Works Show, BWAC, Brooklyn, NY

1991                        Elements of Drawing, Brooklyn, NY

1991                        Images of Power, Memories, Right Bank Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

1991                        Salon Show, OIA, New York, NY

1990                        Topologies, Marymount College, New York, NY

1988                        Small Works Show, AMMO, Brooklyn, NY

1987                        Site Proposals, Visual Arts Gallery, New York, NY,

1986                        Wilde-Meyer Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona

1986                        Visual Arts Museum, New York, NY

1985                        Visual Arts Gallery, New York, NY,

1982-83                   Art For Art’s Sake, Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, LA



2009                       Artist of the Year, Arts Alliance of Haverstraw, Haverstraw, NY

2001                        Peabody Award, ABC News, New York, NY

2001                        Finalist, The Artist’s Magazine, Annual Art Competition

2000                        Residency, Mill Atelier Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

1987                        Paula Rhodes Memorial Award, School of Visual Arts, New York NY

1987                        Residency, Woodstock School of Art, Woodstock, NY

1984                        Assistantship, Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts, Gatlinburg, TN



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2002-2007           Bergen Community College, Paramus, NJ – Instructor, Drawing Fundamentals, Life Drawing, Design  

2003-2004            Westchester Community College, White Plains, NY –Instructor, Painting & Drawing

2002-2004            Pace University, Pleasantville, & New York, NY – Instructor, Drawing,  & Painting             

2001                     Kingsborough Community College, Brooklyn, NY – Instructor, Drawing

1993                     University of Dayton, Dayton, OH – Guest Lecturer



Soho Kitchen, New York, NY

Eisenhower Theatre at West Point, West Point, NY

Electrical Design Systems, Naperville, IL

Russ Lyon Realty, Scottsdale, Arizona

L.P.Bowers Electric, New Orleans, LA

Eastern Athletic Clubs, Brooklyn, AZ